Friday, January 1, 2010

Hi Tech, Old School

This is for Bryce Malek and anyone else who was a computer gearhead way back when.  A piece from a Bay Area public television station about the revolutionary new IBM PS/2 personal computer, from 1987.  Is it the biggest innovation in computing since the original PS, six years earlier?  Will users go for the hi-res 1024×768 screen resolution?  Will OS2 at last bring true multitasking to home computer.  Will OS2 ever even be released?  Will the guy from United Airlines ever eat his words when he says (more or less) "Book tickets through a home computer?  No fucking way!"  Press "Play" and find out!


  1. Wow, a mainstream-looking tech show that's actually somewhat critical of the technology in question and the company that makes it rather than just being a 30-minute advertisement*. You don't see that much any more.

    I do wish that the PS/2's cable-less design had caught on, though. It's also neat hearing people talk excitedly about OS/2. I miss OS/2...

    *Not that there's anything wrong with 30-minute advertisement, I just prefer them being for action figures rather than $2000 pieces of hardware.

  2. Calling me out, huh?! Well, the real computer geek was John Semper; I think he owned practically every brand ever made. My first was an Apple II+, but this video brought back some memories. Frankly the strongest one was the ad for Leading Edge computers! Remember those? I do like how the experts think clones won't be an issue... Don't think I ever owned an IBM-brand anything.